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Welcome! You've found our website, so I'm guessing you know what we're all about?  Well, just in case, I'm going to lay it out here for ya - PB&J Creations is all about quality, hand-created, custom items and clothing, including pre-bundled packages that focus on well-fitting, foundational pieces that flatter an individual's unique figure. Navigation is at the top of the page but here's our most popular searches: Underwire Bras One-Piece Swimwear Jeans

his page is under constant construction, so come back often and see what's new. We are always busy crafting and doing fun things so updating the site often becomes our secondary priority. We want to try and keep our prices as low as possible for you and still pay ourselves a fair wage, so we cut corners on things like paying a few thousand for an awesome website. Hopefully we've made a decision that works for you and it's easy to navigate around here with all the links we've tagged throughout and a main menu at the top of every page.  If you're on a phone, make sure to scroll to the bottom of every page to make sure you don't miss out on any great links or photos, cause sometimes things look a little different on a phone...

About Us

We are a home-based, family-run business located in the beautiful Oceanside community on Vancouver Island in Western Canada. A creative family, Jessica, the matriarch, heads up most projects, while Bryon and Pascha play integral supporting roles who pitch in where they can and sometimes take on their own projects under the PB&J Creations name! We officially started up and registered the company at the start of the COVID pandemic while making fabric masks. 

Oh yeah - you probably want to know why the name PB&J Creations....well, PB&J represents our first names (Pascha, Bryon and Jessica) but it's also a basic, yet awesome, sandwich. Kinda like what we like to create - the basics; but awesome. And  'Creations' is because we create things. I know I shouldn't have to spell that part out, but well, better safe than sorry, I guess.

"Like" our  Facebook page here to learn more about us and keep up with the most current information and, of course, take a look around here to see what 's going on - under "Custom Sewing" you can check out all the customized sewing items (including underwire bras!) we are already offering and what promotions we have going on here

Feel free to reach out using one of the methods on the Contact page if you have any questions or want a custom creation.

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