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If you’re tired of not-quite-right bras and are ready instead to have a bra made to fit your unique body, you’ve found the right place! Currently, PB&J Creations offers four underwire bra pattern options that can be customised to your exact size, shape and personal style and ALL SIZES ARE THE SAME PRICE!

We've packaged everything for you to get started with your first bra with our Initial Design Package where we've streamlined the process as much as possible. Our clients average 5 appointments to attain a well-fitting end result. REMEMBER! This is NOT a bra that we just pick off a shelf - we start from scratch and tailor the bra to your exact body shape and personal design tastes! Let's stop making our bodies fit into commercially standard bras, and instead start making bras to fit our unique bodies!

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does it cost? The first question people always have! Check out our Bra-La-Carte pricing here 

How long does the process take?  Unfortunately there is no direct answer to this question. It depends on factors such as how often clients can make appointments, how booked our schedule is, if any supplies need to be ordered in, and how many fittings are needed (clients who purchase an Initial Design Package average 5 appointments).

What styles are offered? Check out this page or use the Quick Links in the upper right corner of this page to see the most current styles offered. Remember that all styles are starting points for us to make something that fits YOU!

What kind of personalising can I have? Aside from the aforementioned personalising for fit, we can customise the look of your bra as well! Colours and style of fabrics and elastics/findings, adding lace (there are over 2 dozen options for lace placement!), foam cups and/or straps, side boning, strap positioning - with specially-ordered products, we are only limited by your imagination!

Can I get matching panties? Yes! We now offer up to 2 pairs of coordinating panties with any bra purchase for 35% off the regular price. Check out more about our custom panty option here.

I can never find a bra that fits properly, what makes yours different? We've all heard  that most of us aren't wearing the right size bra and when you learn more about the bra industry, you start to understand why! There is no common, reliable sizing system between companies and each one designs their bras based on what they determine to be "average". With all of our bodies being as unique as they are, purchasing a custom bra allows you to have a pattern specially fitted to your body, whether that means adjustments for a wide back, sloping shoulders, narrow bridge or a variety of other individual differences in the human form!

What if I don't live in your area? We are able to coordinate with out-of-town clients to create custom items, but there will be extra fees due to shipping costs and it can take much longer due to shipping times as well.  Here is a link where you can search for bra makers in your area.

What kind of guarantee do you offer that I will be happy? Our goal is to get everyone into comfortable, beautiful bras that fit well! If you change your mind for any reason, there are certain points in the fitting schedule when payments are refundable (less any Consultation/Fitting Fees) and work as "get out" moments if you are not happy. Refunds are only available until such time that any materials have been cut or ordered and there are no refunds offered after delivery of final products.

"I don't like underwires" "I only wear sports bras" Can you still help me? Yes! Our underwire bras can be modified to be wireless, or we may use an alternate pattern that is designed as a proper sports bra. Feel free to contact us to what options we are currently offering.